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‘I Thought My Child Was Gone Forever': School Bus Drops 3-Year-Old Child at Wrong Address

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It was the most agonizing moment for Nicole Jackson when her 3-year-old daughter did not come home on the first day of school, she said.

"No one knew where she was. I literally thought my child is gone forever," Jackson said.

Jackson and her partner Omowale Browne sent their 3-year-old child, who is on the autistic spectrum, to William J. Bryan Elementary on the school bus, but they never imagined she would be dropped off at a stranger's home at the the wrong address.

The parents say it took about two hours for school officials to find their little girl after they insisting she had been dropped off at home.

"Our concerns seemed to be minimized at the first instance. You know time is kind of ticking and we're explaining the discrepancy," Browne said. "There was no way for me to even get in contact with the bus operator or find the route. I was not provided any of that and told it would not be available to me."

Browne added that the child's mother. We reached out to school officials and they sent us a written reply saying they are investigating what happened saying in part...."The District will take disciplinary action against those involved, up to and including dismissal. In addition, we are examining existing procedures and will make modifications, if necessary, to ensure this does not happen again." The child was brought back to her school where the parent were waiting."It was like just a huge sense of relief but still fuming with rage and anger over this whole situation even occurring....this was quite a traumatizing experience to the point where I don't even want her to go back to school, I just want to home school her."

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