‘I Was Hacked': South Florida Author Accused of Posting Racist Rant

A prominent South Florida author is facing some heat after a racist rant on Facebook.

The online post focused on the Holocaust and included offensive comments about President Barack Obama. But author Seth Bramson is denying any wrongdoing.

The political, racist rant on Facebook has the noted Miami historian and author defending himself.

"If you want to make somebody look bad, this is an easy way to do it," Bramson said.

Bramson insists he did not write these words on Facebook: "And this whole thing with what is going on with this (expletive) Kerry and this no good black (expletive) of a president is making me sicker."

Bramson believes it's a reference to the recent Iran nuclear deal. Again, he said he didn't write it, "I was hacked, I don't know what else to say. You know what happens with hacks, you know what they can do now."

Some people don't believe Bramson and think he is behind the rant.

The post appeared in a Facebook group called "Jews of South Florida" Sunday evening. It was part of a bigger message responding to a "60 Minutes" report on the Holocaust.

Bramson has published more than a dozen books about the history of South Florida. While his website says he's an adjunct professor at Barry University and FIU, spokespersons at both schools said that's not true.

Barry released a statement saying, "The comments attributed to Bramson do not represent the views, mission, and core commitments of Barry University. The university is reviewing the matter."

"I'm not happy about it but I'm not going to go into a rage which wouldn't do any good anyway, and what else can I say," Bramson said.

Bramson last taught at FIU back in 2012 and is currently a lecturer for a history class at Barry University.

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