Ice Age for the Iguanas

Iguanas might start falling dead from the trees because of the cold snap

It might feel like the beginning of the Ice Age for us Miamians, but be thankful you aren't an iguana.

The frigid temperatures, which are expected to last throughout the next week, will likely be a cure all for people trying to get rid of the pesky, long-tailed, scaly menaces who scare the heebie jeebies out of human and chihuahua alike.

But the iguanas aren't running from our area. They are essentially dropping dead, according to CBS4.

The cold-blooded reptiles basically shut down all bodily functions once the temperature reaches the 40s, which is the current forecast for the next week. The same does not apply for Burmese pythons so don't test your luck there.

Scientifically speaking, the iguanas aren't dead, but they aren't really alive either. The iguanas are just really life-like statues.

They basically are stuck in neutral until the temperature rises. While we wouldn't advise it, you could walk up and touch one on the head and not worry about getting tail-whipped or bit. When exposed to prolonged cold, many of the iguanas will die.

No word if wildlife folks will take advantage of this freeze frame and collect as many iguanas as they can and ship them back to their native homelands in the Galapagos Islands or somewhere in the South Pacific, but this would be a great time for it.

If not, you could always call the Iguana Chef, and he will find a way to make the iguana's demise taste good.

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