ICE, ICE Baby: Customs Agents Nab 48 Illegals in Miami-Dade

Many fugitives made Miami-Dade their home away from the law

There was no where to run for illegal aliens Friday as Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents moved in during a nationwide sweep to collar fugitives on the run.

The largest operation of its kind brought plenty of attention in South Florida, where nearly 90 illegal immigrants were arrested for various outstanding warrants and dangerous crimes.

Among the 48 people caught in Miami-Dade, three were wanted for murder. Another 24 fugitives were collared in Broward County. Statewide, 258 fugitives were detained during the week-long operation.

"Our streets are much safer now because of this action taken in Florida," ICE supervisor John Stevenson said.

The raids come as immigration laws have been the target of critics and human rights activists. A recent law passed in Arizona made illegals a target, even at the expense of law-abiding citizens' civil rights.

In all, almost 600 criminal aliens were taken into custody over the last three days. Agents fanned out across the southeast from New Orleans to Georgia.

Miami agents also found 29 sex offenders, 29 criminals who had been convicted before, and deported but somehow found a way to sneak back into the US.

Some of those now facing deportation were located in local or county jails and turned over directly to ICE agents before they could even get on the run.

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