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ICYMI: Dog Attacks Lead to Leash Law Crackdown, ‘Sundown Towns' Examines Area's Segregated Past

Here are some of the top stories from the last week from NBC 6 News

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Here are some of the top stories from the last week from NBC 6 News:

Transgender Woman Killed in ‘Violent, Vicious' Attack in Miami-Dade: Police

Police in Miami-Dade are looking for more information on the murder of a transgender woman who they believe was killed in a "violent and vicious" attack earlier this month.

Alexus Braxton, 45, was found dead Feb. 4 inside her northeast Miami-Dade home at the Carmel at the California Condominiums.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, Braxton's death is at least the sixth violent death of a transgender person in 2021 and the first of the year in Miami-Dade County. 2020 was considered the most fatally violent year for transgender people, according to the HRC.

Police and animal services officers in Miami are cracking down on the leash laws after an unleashed dog at a popular park attacked a boy and his father. NBC 6's Alyssa Hyman reports

Miami Cracks Down on Leash Laws After Dog Attacks Child, Father

Police and animal services officers in Miami are cracking down on the leash laws after an unleashed dog attacked a boy and his father at a popular park.

Edward, who did not want to provide his last name, said they were attacked by an out-of-control dog Monday night at Margaret Pace Park. They were at the park after his son's soccer game and his 2-year-old, Santino, was playing with his friends.

According to the Biscayne Neighborhood Association’s President, Andres Althabe, off-leash dogs have been an on-going issue at this park. However, he says this was by far the worst incident. 

Jackie Nespral spoke with the South Florida native and the only statewide elected Democrat about working with the Biden administration as well as her possible future political aspirations.

In Florida, First Shots Fired in Upcoming Race for Governor?

In a possible prelude to Florida's upcoming gubernatorial campaign, the state's only Democrat holding statewide office took a shot at Gov. Ron DeSantis in a campaign-style video released Tuesday that cast the Republican as unempathetic amid a deadly pandemic and a loyalist to former President Donald Trump.

In her 1-minute video, Florida Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried did not do what many expect her to do sometime in the coming months: announce a bid to challenge DeSantis for the governor's mansion in next year's election.

DeSantis has yet to officially announce a reelection bid, but he is widely expected to do so in the months ahead.

NBC 6's Tony Pipitone spoke to a epidemiologist who confirmed where Gov. Ron DeSantis' numbers on Florida's children COVID rates were way off.

DeSantis Omits Data on Child COVID Rates as He Touts Decision to Open Schools

As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis travels the state promoting his performance fighting the coronavirus, he often points to a relatively low infection rate among children — even after his administration compelled school districts to offer in-person learning.

But this week, the NBC 6 Investigators found, he twice misled the public about how Florida stacks up to other states when it comes to infection rates among school-age children.

By using a statistic for children under 15, he effectively removed high school students from the data he cited twice this week to validate his decision to offer in-person classes to all public schools students. To hear how that changes the numbers, click here for the story from NBC 6 investigator Tony Pipitone.

Clinical research is looking into whether magic mushrooms have health benefits - and one Florida lawmaker is looking to decriminalize them. NBC 6's Jamie Guirola reports

Fla. Lawmaker Pushes to Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms Over Health Benefits

Magic mushrooms -- they’re popularly known for tripping or getting high. But there’s also clinical research on psychedelics and whether they could help with mental health.

Now, there’s a push in Florida to decriminalize the use of magic mushrooms and make them legal in the state. 

The FDA is looking into it and has labeled some research "breakthrough therapy." Currently, there are eight clinical trials in the U.S., and one of them is right in Lauderhill.

Decades ago, South Florida was segregated — in some areas, Black people could work, but they couldn’t stay overnight. NBC 6's Phil Prazan reports

Sundown Towns: a Look at South Florida's Legacy of Segregation

South Florida has a legacy of being part of the segregated South. A function of that past were “Sundown Towns” - cities or areas which were “white-only” after dark. Some say that history hangs over today.

The city of Miami Beach has long been a haven for people looking for sun, sand, and relaxation. A database at Tougaloo College lists Miami Beach and Coral Gables as potential “Sundown Towns.” The historian behind the database, James Loewen, went on to detail them in a book titled “Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism.”  

Local historians Marvin Dunn and Dr. Paul George say many towns with “beach” in their names were “Sundown Towns” because Black people had to be off the beach after dark. To hear what those who lived through this time said about those times, click here for the story from NBC 6 investigator Phil Prazan.

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