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ICYMI: Equifax Settlement Claims; ‘I Don't Want to Die'

Here are some of last week's top stories from the NBC 6 Weekend Digest:

Equifax Settlement: Find Out If You Were Affected, File a Claim

The Equifax data breach of 2017 exposed the information of more than 140 million people — and if you were one of those people, you can now file a claim for reimbursement.

Equifax agreed to a class action settlement this week that includes up to $425 million of reimbursement money for those affected.

You can file a claim for 10 years of free credit monitoring or you can get $125 if you already have credit monitoring.

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The Super Bowl has produced plenty of memorably tense moments and unfathomably wild finishes. Just last year, the pinnacle of the NFL season was punctuated by a last-second interception in the end zone by New England that sealed a victory over Seattle, when the Seahawks decided to pass instead of run and the Patriots made them pay. Then there are the not-so-nerve-wracking games that are decided by halftime. Even with a format designed to pit the two best teams against each other for the championship, or at least produce a high-caliber contest, plenty of duds have emerged.

Jennifer Lopez Presented With Keys to Miami Beach

Jennifer Lopez just turned the big 5-0, and on Wednesday Mayor Dan Gelber presented the singer with the keys to Miami Beach during a special ceremony at her home in South Florida.

J-Lo, who was accompanied by her fiancé Alex Rodriguez and their children, accepted the special gold key made just for her and wasted no time in thanking the City for this special honor.

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Amid her 50th birthday celebrations in South Florida, Jennifer Lopez was presented with a key to Miami Beach. (Credit: David Sabshon)

'I Don't Want to Die': South Florida Man's Plea for Spinal Surgery Going Viral

Terrance Hunt, a 29-year-old man from Coral Springs, has been confined to a wheelchair for 18 years. Hunt says when he was just 11 years old, when he was struck by an elderly woman who wasn’t supposed to be behind the wheel.

“She was going 65 in a 25 mph lane and she struck me with a car,” Hunt recalled. “After the car accident, I basically died twice."

Paramedics revived Hunt while he was still on scene and again during surgery.

Years later, Hunt now suffers from a severe spinal cord injury from the accident that left him disabled.

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A South Florida man’s plea help to pay for his $200,000 surgery from an accident that left him in a wheelchair is going viral.

Buying Used Cell Phones Could Save You Hundreds of Dollars

Cell phones are a part of our everyday life. They connect you to the internet, to your work and to your family. But that convenience comes at a cost with some phones costing more than $1,000.

And as cell phone prices increase, more people are looking to save money by buying a used phone. writer Kelsey Sheehy told us what to look out for in today’s used cellphone market.

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More consumers are choosing to buy used cell phones instead of new ones, but there are things you should watch out for when buying a used device.
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