ICYMI: Exploding Bakeware; Vacation Sex Assault Reports

Here are some of the top stories of the past week for the NBC 6 Weekend Digest:

Pyrex Under Fire for Reported Explosions

Pyrex, a well-known type of bakeware advertised as oven and microwave safe, has come under fire for shattering without warning, prompting a class-action lawsuit alleging the bakeware is dangerous and defective.

Hundreds who complained online posted photos of shards of glass in ovens, microwaves and on countertops saying the shards came from their Pyrex dishes.

The recipe for making Pyrex changed somewhere along the way.

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Hundreds of consumers have reported an issue with a popular bakeware after they said it shattered without warning. NBC Responds took two brand-new baking dishes to a lab for a demonstration to see why this was happening.

Women Vacationing at Resorts Report Sexual Assaults

American women are coming forward with stories of sexual assaults at popular vacation resort destinations.

Jamaica and the Bahamas are flagged as critical threat locations, according to the State Department.

A former State Department special agent urges tourists to research their destinations, especially crime statistics and police response.

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Turquoise water, white sand beaches, and carefree days by the pool — these are the images of paradise that vacation resorts want you to see. But a shadow has been cast over some of the top vacation spots in the world as the State Department issues dire safety warnings.

FBI Impersonators Sought in Local Home Invasion Robbery

Authorities are searching for a pair FBI impersonators who were caught on camera during a home invasion robbery in Miami Lakes last month.

Police said two men arrived at a home in a white Chevy Silverado with a covered license plate and knocked on the door. A man who answered the door noticed one of the men was wearing a bulletproof vest with "FBI" on it, police said.

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A homeowner spoke out after his house was robbed by a pair of FBI impersonators in Miami Lakes. NBC 6 anchor Dan Grossman reports.

Right Turn on Red: Thousands of Tickets Could Get Tossed

A legal battle over red light cameras could affect more than 3,000 pending tickets and thousands of future tickets in South Florida.

Red light cameras hover above intersections in more than twenty cities across South Florida.

Sometimes, you don't even know the camera is there until a ticket arrives in the mail.

Unless there's a sign that reads "No Turn on Red," Florida's red light camera law states a right turn on red needs to be done in a 'careful and prudent manner.'

The NBC 6 Investigators found each city makes its own interpretation of what "careful and prudent" means.

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A legal battle over red light cameras could affect more than 3,000 pending tickets and thousands of future tickets in South Florida. NBC 6 Investigator Dan Krauth reports.
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