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ICYMI: Gabby Petito Case Leads to Social Media Sleuthing, Who is Eligible for COVID-19 Booster Shot and When

Here are some of the top stories from the past week from NBC 6 News

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Here are some of the top stories from the past week from NBC 6 News:

Gabby Petito Disappearance Leads to Social Media Sleuthing, Concerning Some Experts

More clues are surfacing in the disappearance of Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito — and several social media users are examining every shred of evidence with excruciating attention to detail.

Facebook groups, YouTube commentaries and TikTok videos dedicated to discussing Petito’s case have sprouted in recent weeks, with users exchanging theories and information about the 22-year-old Instagram influencer.

Petito went missing on Sept. 11 during a cross-country road trip with her fiance, Brian Laundrie. Detectives positively identified her body in a park in Wyoming on Tuesday. 

Detectives have since ruled Petito’s death a homicide and are now searching for Laundrie as a person of interest in the crime. The case has generated widespread public attention, sparking online debates and discussion about what happened to the “#VanLife” influencer.

COVID-19 sniffing dogs have arrived at Miami International Airport.

Miami International Airport Has Most TSA Worker COVID Cases in Country

Miami International Airport leads the country when it comes to COVID-19 infections among Transportation Security Administration employees, according to the TSA.

Updated figures released by the TSA this week showed 516 total cases among TSA workers at MIA.

The next closes airport was Los Angeles' LAX with 452 cases, followed by JFK in New York with 444 cases.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was next with 372 cases, with Orlando International Airport ranking fifth with 367 cases.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, TSA has cumulatively had 10,392 federal employees test positive for COVID-19. Of those, 9,932 employees have recovered, and 28 have died after contracting the virus.

NBC 6's Julie Leonardi is in Miami where she breaks down who is eligible for the COVID-19 booster shot and when they'll be available in Florida.

Who is Eligible for COVID Booster Shots and When After CDC Announcement?

Who is eligible for a COVID vaccine booster shot and when following the latest update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?

The CDC on Thursday endorsed booster shots for millions of older or otherwise vulnerable Americans.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky signed off on a series of recommendations from a panel of advisers late Thursday. However, Walensky decided to make one recommendation that the panel had rejected.

Many people struggling to pay their rent turn to rental assistance programs for help, but NBC 6 Responds is hearing from people who say they are running into roadblocks.

Some Renters Running into Roadblocks Getting Rental Assistance Money

Many people struggling to pay their rent are turning to rental assistance programs for help, but some are running into roadblocks getting the funding.

Billions in federal rental assistance has been made available for Floridians behind on their rent.  

NBC 6 Responds has heard from renters who are facing issues getting the money.

Phillip Daigneault says his application with Broward County’s rental assistance program was recently denied.

The denial letter stated “The landlord cannot be a resident of the rental unit.”

“They claim that my landlord lives on the premises that I am renting, but he doesn’t,” Daigneault said.

Parents say their child was sexually assaulted by another child onboard a Disney cruise. NBC 6's Jamie Guirola reports

Parents Say 3-Year-Old Daughter Was Sexually Assaulted Onboard Cruise

A family from Vermont says their 3-year-old was sexually assaulted by another child on a cruise back in January 2020 — and blames Disney staff for letting it happen.

What the child allegedly told her dad about a vacation memory led to suspicions that she was inappropriately touched, and this led to a lawsuit filed against the Disney Cruise Line.

"The 3-year-old, who is potty trained, she started having wetting accidents and then she re-enacted the scene with her father, where she basically told her dad, lie down and take his pants off," said attorney Michael Winkleman. "Of course, the dad says, 'Honey, wait a minute, that's not appropriate. Did that happen to you?'"

Winkleman represents the family, who is referred to as “The Does” in the lawsuit.

They first reported to police that they thought a staff member touched their daughter. But months later, Winkleman says he saw CCTV footage, which he couldn't provide because he was only allowed to view it, not record or copy.

Victims, family members and supporters of those impacted by the Surfside condominium collapse are gathering Thursday to advocate for a fitting memorial at the site of the tragedy. NBC 6's Ryan Nelson reports

Surfside Victims, Family Members Push for Fitting Memorial at Collapse Site

Victims, family members and supporters of those impacted by the Surfside condominium collapse gathered Thursday to advocate for a fitting memorial at the site of the tragedy.

The lives of 98 people were lost in the June 24 collapse of the Champlain Towers South condo building.

There's currently a hole in the beachfront skyline where the 12-story building once stood, as the property remains the subject of ongoing court hearings.

The land is now under a proposed contract for $120 million, and the unidentified bidder will have two months to check out the land and zoning.

In about five months, an auction will be held where others can bid more than $120 million.

Earlier this month, commissioners in Surfside rejected a proposal to trade public beachfront to the eventual buyer of the condominium collapse site so that a memorial to the victims could be built there.

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