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ICYMI: 5K Pythons Captured in Florida Everglades, Man Facing Attempted Murder Charge in Brickell Shooting

Here are some of the top stories from the past week you may have missed from NBC 6 News

Here are some of the top stories from the past week you may have missed from NBC 6 News:

Slithery Milestone: 5,000th Python Captured in Florida Everglades

Florida hit another new milestone this week — 5,000 Burmese pythons have been captured in the Everglades since the state started paying hunters to track them down in 2017.

The program is managed by the South Florida Water Management District and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which made the announcement on Tuesday.

“Another win for the Everglades,” Ron Bergeron, a water district board member and an avid python hunter, told the Miami Herald. “Each invasive python eliminated represents hundreds of native Florida wildlife saved.”

Man Facing Attempted Murder Charge in Brickell Key Shooting

A Miami man accused of trying to kill another man inside his high- rise condominium building in Brickell Key has been arrested, police said.

Police arrested Franco Rainuzzo, 27, Friday night on attempted murder and other charges.

According to a police arrest report, Rainuzzo stole a sport utility vehicle from the valet at the building where he lives. Detectives believe he drove it to the Isola Condominium building on Brickell Key Thursday afternoon.

Police said Rainuzzo got cleared through security, took the elevator to the 15th floor and shot the 27-year-old man in his doorway.

Franco Rainuzzo has been arrested in a Brickell Key shooting that left a person critically injured, police said.

Family Believes Missing Mother Came to Florida to Meet Someone

The family of a missing mother whose toddler was found alone in South Florida is saying they believe the 21-year-old could have been with a man she was in communication with online.

Leila Cavett's father and grandfather told NBC 6 the man messaged her on Facebook to come down to Florida for the weekend and that he possibly sent her money. Curtis Cavett said he knows his daughter sells clothes and other items on Facebook's Marketplace. Police have not confirmed these details.

Cavett's toddler — 2-year-old Kamdyn — was found wandering alone in Miramar on Sunday. The toddler is currently in child protective custody and her family is trying to see him.

The search for a toddler's mom is entering its fourth day. NBC 6's Amanda Plasencia reports.

FAA Wants Residents to Weigh in on Proposed Flight Paths

The Federal Aviation Administration wants South Florida residents to weigh in on the new proposed flight paths for planes coming in and out of the area's airports.

The changes may impact neighborhoods for years to come. Due to the pandemic, the FAA wasn’t able to sit down with residents for their input over the last several months.

The FAA says the new paths will cut flight delays and make the air traffic system safer and more efficient.

Willard Shepard breaks down what the agency is looking into as far as possible changes to the way planes come in for a landing at local airports.

Helping Hands: Local Union Helps Feed Hospitality Workers During Pandemic

Financial freedom was never something Roselande Guerrier was afforded, but before the pandemic, she was getting by.  “It is very expensive by myself,” she said.

The initial shutdown in South Florida brought on by this pandemic put her out of work for months. Although hotels have opened up again, Guerrier's hours have been drastically reduced. On top of that, she lost her health insurance. 

He situation is not unlike the situation of many who are working in South Florida’s hospitality industry, according to Unite Here Local 355, the union that represents Guerrier and thousands of others.  

Unite Here Local 355 is trying to help those who are struggling tremendously during this unprecedented time. 

South Florida’s tourism and hospitality industries have been hit especially hard during this pandemic -- and those who work in those industries are having a hard time feeding their families. NBC 6's Stephanie Bertini reports
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