ICYMI: Mother Shares Grief; Weeding Out Fake CBD

Here are some of this week's top stories from the NBC 6 Weekend Digest:

'How Could She Be Dead?': Mother Speaks Out After Daughter Dies Following Cosmetic Procedure

Iolani Ferez went from planning her daughter's 29th birthday one week to planning her funeral the next.

"There's not one minute that goes by that I don't think about her," she said during an interview with the NBC 6 Investigators. "She was not just my daughter, she was my best friend."

Ferez describes her daughter, Danea Plasencia, as "beautiful inside and out" but says she wasn't happy with her body after giving birth to her third child.

"She gained a lot of weight and just couldn't lose it," Ferez said.

Plasencia decided to have a Brazilian butt lift.

"I didn't tell her I loved her," she said. "Now, I regret it."

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The mother of Danea Plasencia, who died in May after a Brazilian butt lift procedure, is warning others about the procedure. NBC 6’s Dan Krauth reports.

New Way to Weed Out Fake CBD Products

Laura Seiderman calls it her sidekick. She never leaves home without a bottle of CBD oil.

"It really is like magic for me," said the newlywed from Broward County.

"I really use it for so many different things, headaches, for sleep issues, nausea," Seiderman said.

She uses both CBD oil and creams.

CBD is an extract that comes from hemp or marijuana plants – the parts that don't make you high. It's put in all types of products for its reported health benefits.

"It really just takes the edge off," said Seiderman.

But if you buy CBD products from a store in Florida today, you have little way of knowing what you're putting in your body.

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NBC 6 Investigates a new law that could regulate the way CBD products are bought and sold in Florida

174 Dolphins Died From Red Tide Bloom Off Florida: Report

Scores of dolphins have died along Florida's southwest coast due to the red tide bloom in the past year, federal researchers said.

Figures released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showed 174 dolphins were stranded in a mass die-off between last July and last week.

Fish, sea turtles and manatees also have died from the red tide bloom, which has plagued the southwest Florida Gulf Coast since November 2017.

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Second Florida City Pays Hackers, as Third Faces Breach

A second small Florida city this month has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to hackers who took over most of its computer operations, an official said Wednesday, while a third Florida city said its data was breached.

The attacks in Riviera Beach, Lake City and Key Biscayne underscore the need for municipal governments to update and secure their software systems, and also reflect the dilemma of how to respond to hackers.

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