ICYMI: Park Plagued by Sex, Drugs ; Florida Streets the Deadliest

Here are some of the top stories for last week from the NBC 6 Weekend Digest:

Sex, Drugs Plague Pompano Beach Park, Residents Say

Residents are demanding action after they say a Pompano Beach park has become a haven for sex and drugs.

"There's drug paraphernalia. There's empty wine bottles," said Steven Hoffman, who has a business nearby. "There's drug activity, there's public defecation, you know, sexual activity. There's just all kinds of behavior that doesn't belong in a park where you are supposed to be able to take your kids."

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Residents in Pompano Beach say a neighborhood park has become a big problem, with drug use, prostitution and other crimes a regular occurrence.

Florida Man Beat, Pepper Sprayed Mom Because 'She Was a Narcissist'

A Florida man is behind bars after police say he beat and pepper sprayed his mother, claiming to do so because she “was a narcissist”.

The man's mother invited him over for lunch and he showed up with a knife, zip tie and pepper spray before attacking her, according to police.

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Florida Is The Deadliest State for Pedestrians: Study

The Sunshine State has been deemed the deadliest state for pedestrians, according to a new study.

In total, nine Florida regions were among 20 U.S. metro areas declared unsafe and deadly for pedestrians. The top six most dangerous areas for pedestrians were also located in Florida, according to the study.

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Costly Parking Payments a Problem for Miami Beach Hotel Employees

The first thing Michela Joseph does when she shows up for her housekeeping job at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach is park her car and pay.

"It's close to work," Joseph said about the lot on 46th Street and Collins Avenue. "It's the only one we have here."

Every day, Joseph spends money to earn money. Right now, the rate is a dollar an hour. But the city last year increased the rate to a flat rate of $20 a day -- meaning Joseph and her coworkers have to pay $400 a month.

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Employees at the Miami Beach Foutainebleu have to pay an hourly rate to park at a lot to come to work. NBC 6’s Jamie Guirola reports.
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