ICYMI: How to Profit Off Robocalls, Reef Restoration in the Keys

Here are some of the top stories from the past week you may have missed from NBC 6 News

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Here’s How to Make Money From Those Annoying Robocalls

Consumers receive an estimated 180 million robocalls per day. Many people don't bother to pick up. Others hang up right way. But, some people actually look forward to the calls. They're making money from them, sometimes thousands of dollars. In this NBC 6 Responds piece, Sasha Jones explains how robocalls are illegal under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Telemarketing Sales Rule, meaning businesses owe no less than $500 every time they call using an auto-dialer without permission.

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Officials Want $100M for Reef Restoration in Florida Keys

Federal officials announced plans Monday to raise $100 million to fund projects to restore seven significant coral reef sites in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. “Mission: Iconic Reefs” calls for restoring nearly 70 acres (28 hectares) of the Florida Reef Tract, one of the largest strategies ever proposed for coral restoration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said. NOAA officials said the organization will work with partners to secure public and private funds.

Florida is on the verge of losing one of its most precious commodities. Already crippled by bleaching, dredging, pollution and storm damage, now our coral reefs are under assault from disease.

$103 Million Settlement Approved for Bridge Collapse Victims

The families of six people killed, along with 10 people injured, when a bridge collapsed at a Miami university are set to receive a nearly $103 million settlement. Judge A. Jay Cristol, with U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Miami, approved a reorganization plan Thursday for Magnum Construction Management, formerly known as Munilla Construction Management, that includes the settlement. The plan, which was proposed last month, will go into effect Dec. 28 if no one appeals, and the settlement should be split up by next month.

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South Florida Woman has Warning After Puppy Dies From Eating ‘Toxic’ Mushrooms

A dog owner in Palm Beach County has a warning for others after her seven-month-old puppy died after eating what veterinarians called toxic mushrooms. Alexandra Barry said she took her puppy named Dino, a Boston Terrier, to the hospital on Thanksgiving after he ate two mushrooms during a walk near their apartment complex in Boynton Beach and he woke up throwing up and was unable to keep water down. Sadly, Dino had to be put down the next morning.


Florida Officially Joins National Voter Database Network

Florida officials announced Wednesday that the state's voter registration rolls are now linked to a national database that could help elections officials detect possible fraud — or spot multiple voter registration files across state lines. Gov. Ron DeSantis had previously announced his state's intent to join the national network known as ERIC, but it became official Wednesday when his office said the state's application had been approved for membership.

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