Iglesias Gives Preview of Naked Water Ski Ride in Vegas

Why is Enrique Iglesias so eager to show off his junk?

Watching a celebrity water ski naked in Biscayne Bay is supposed to be a once in a lifetime event, but now Enrique Iglesias' World Cup promise is beginning to feel a little creepy.

The Latin sex symbol vowed to show off his birthday suit if Spain won the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and when they did, every woman in Miami volunteered for 24-hour surveillance of the bay.

But all they really had to do was go to Las Vegas. TMZ.com is reporting Iglesias has officially gone butt-naked mad and shoved a fan's camera down his pants during the middle of a concert over the weekend.

No, he wasn't trying to steal the camera.

He was taking a picture of his package. Then, the 35-year old gave the camera back to the fan as a token of his appreciation for buying front row seats.

Perhaps Iglesias has recently undergone some life-changing surgery or enhancement, but we can't think of many other reasons why the pop singer wants so badly to participate in public nudity.

Next, there will be reports of a wardrobe malfunction in a supermarket.

Water-ski watch is still on and women are still on high-alert. So are the cops, who have vowed to arrest Iglesias if they catch him trying to make good on his World Cup promise.

if anything, Iglesias may be trying to prove he has the balls to go through with it.

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