‘I'll Continue Being There For Her': Miramar Officer Inspires Mentee to Follow Her Path

Years after Officer Kristal Harrington mentored Viveky Barrios, she is credited with being the inspiration behind Barrios' decision to become an officer

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While Miramar Police Department Officer Viveky Barrios and Officer Kristal Harrington are now colleagues, they started out as something much different: mentor and mentee.

When the pair met, Harrington planned to be a doctor. But this all changed when she became inspired by Barrios' dedication to her community.

As a freshman at Miramar High School, where Barrios was the resource officer, Harrington took an interest in Barrios' work - spending extra time learning from her.

"She loved to investigate," Barrios said. "Anything I had to investigate, she was there with me wanting to assist me in any way she could.” 

Now, years later, Harrington honored her mentor by inviting her to pin her at her own police academy graduation.

“To have the person next to me that inspired me is just great," Harrington said.

In response to the invitation, Barrios is humbled and expresses her intent to continue guiding Harrington through this next chapter of her life.

"When she called me and told me and told me I am the reason she became an officer I was just honored," Barrios said. “And I’ll continue being there for her until the end of my time."

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