Palm Beach

3 Arrested for Allegedly Operating Illegal Slaughterhouse in West Palm Beach

What to Know

  • Three people were arrested in a raid of a slaughterhouse in West Palm Beach that was torturing animals and illegally distributing the meat.
  • The Animal Recovery Mission released video of the slaughterhouse at work as part of an undercover operation.
  • Ricardo Cabrera, Chico Allen Cabrera and Roberto Llorente face charges of animal cruelty.

Three people were arrested and charged with several counts of animal cruelty for allegedly running an illegal slaughterhouse in West Palm Beach.

Officials launched an undercover operation called Operation Grove into the area of 15729 43rd Road North in Loxahatchee, where it was revealed animals were being tortured, slaughtered and illegally distributed for human consumption, according to the Animal Recovery Mission.

Shocking undercover video captured many animals, including goats, chickens and pigs being stabbed and cut open and left to slowly suffer and die.

Ricardo Cabrera, 57, of Loxahatchee; Chico Allen Cabrera, 29, of Lake Worth; and Roberto Llorente, 65, were arrested Thursday and now face multiple charges of animal cruelty, killing animals inhumanely and possible additional charges.

The Animal Recovery Mission, a Miami Beach-based nonprofit investigative organization, investigated the farm for six months and notified the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office of the illegal activities.

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