Illegal Street Racing Turns Deadly, Taking the Life of Teen: FHP

Drag racing can be a thrilling sport, but when it is unleashed illegally on public roads it often turns deadly.

That's exactly what happened Wednesday night when Florida Highway Patrol troopers say two cars raced westbound on I-595.

"Witnesses we had provided descriptions for the vehicles they saw traveling at high speed in and out of traffic, and then cut her off causing her to lose control," said the FHP's Mark Wysocky.

Investigators said Julie Castor, 18, struck a concrete barrier wall, then ricocheted across the westbound lanes and hit a retaining wall.

She survived all that, but moments later was hit by another car while standing next to her mangled vehicle. Police have few leads on who it was that raced by her.

"We're hoping to get tips from the public, we're asking anyone who knows anything to call Florida Highway Patrol," Wysocky said.

Troopers say if you're ever driving and see cars flying by at dangerous speeds, or any kind of reckless driving dial "star 347" and your call can dispatch FHP immediately.

Anthony Munoz is also hoping to get illegal racers off the streets by giving them a place to race safely.

He's working on opening a quarter-mile drag strip by the end of the year in Miami.

"We need a safe, controlled, facility to give to these kids, otherwise they have adrenaline going, and they're used to having a place to go and now that there's no place to go they do it in the streets unfortunately," Munoz said.

He says a safe place to race could help prevent another tragedy.

There is a task force involving FHP and a handful of other agencies that go out monthly looking for reckless drivers.

But they also rely on the public's eyes and ears to alert them to danger.

If you know anything about Wednesday night's deadly crash, call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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