Miami-Dade police

Illegal License Tag Leads to Marijuana Grow House

Miami-Dade Police arrested five people after a traffic stop led them to a marijuana grow house in the northwest part of the county Wednesday.

Police were conducting a narcotics investigation when they stopped a gold Toyota Camry with a false license tag on it. The car belonged to 45-year-old Orin Tong. Police said they searched Mr. Tong and found two MDMA pills (Ecstasy) that he said were his. Tong allegedly also told police he got the pills from his daughter.

Police then obtained a search warrant for Tong’s home and once inside, detectives said they found more Ecstasy pills, cocaine, and marijuana in his bedroom. Tong, who police said is a convicted felon, also had a gun in his bedroom.

Detectives said in the bedroom across from Orin Tong’s was a marijuana grow room and that downstairs there was another room containing more marijuana and more weapons.

According to the arrest affidavit, after being read his Miranda rights, Orin Tong said the grow room was his and admitted to marijuana being sold from the home by his children. Tong also said the cocaine and ecstasy were for his personal use and part of his religion.

Tong was arrested and charged with multiple drug offenses. Also arrested as a result of the investigation were: Judah Hernandez, 24; Wanda Tong, 43; Maria Tong, 23; and Imani Tong, 22.

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