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‘I'm Afraid for My Kids': Woman Allegedly Stalked By Police Officer

A woman who said she was being stalked by a South Florida police officer spoke out to NBC 6. The man has been arrested and is no longer on patrol.

The woman, who we are not identifying, described what she has been through recently: fear for herself and her kids after she said the armed officer had been spending multiple nights outside her home.

"I'm afraid. I'm afraid for my kids, I'm afraid for me. I didn't know he had guns. I didn't know it was that serious," the woman said.

Stephon McGill, 51, has been charged with stalking. He was taken into custody by police in Miami Gardens when he was located in his vehicle.

The woman, who more than a decade ago had two children with McGill, exclusively told NBC 6 the officer had been stalking her and the children from various locations.

"He had been stalking me for days and so I was told by one of the city officials when I called to make a complaint against him, you know, to find what I can do to protect me and my kids," she said.

Miami Police told NBC 6 that McGill is a long-time veteran patrolman who the woman said is just 90 days from retiring.

The arresting officers wrote: "Victim reported she was being stalked. The defendant was positioned where he could observe her. When she left to go to Walmart, she had to take evasive maneuvers, and the kids were stating they were uneasy with their father acting in this manner."

"We realized that he was sitting outside that complex at that particular moment. And so the building manager asked him to leave or they would call the police for trespassing and he told them to call the police and everything went downhill from there," the woman explained.

McGill has bonded out of the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

"I am concerned for my safety because he is a City of Miami Police officer. He doesn't hide the stalking, the fact that he's watching me. He will get out of his car," the woman said.

McGill is presumed innocent and will get his day in court to challenge these allegations. The woman said she went to get a restraining order against him for further protection.

Miami Police said McGill will remain on paid leave while this works its way through the justice system. There's no word on whether he has an attorney.

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