Indoor Skydiving Program At iFly Helps People With Disabilities Soar

In a tunnel of thrills where the wind whips at at least 80 miles per hour- special guests are blown away and soar beyond their expectations.

“This is second home to me now. It’s an adrenaline rush I feel like i have to keep coming back here”, said Jessika Kattah. It’s Kattah’s 6th time at iFLY in Davie. When she’s here she ditches the restrictions of her wheelchair to fly and float on a smooth cushion of air.

Kattah said, “All Abilities Night at iFLY gives us freedom “

Kattah and others participate in a monthly indoor skydiving program for people with disabilities. It’s called All Abilities Night. All Abilities aims to provide an encouraging experience in an inclusive environment.

“We were told so many times that we can’t do things, that we’ll never be able to do things and this affords us the opportunity to be included in everyday activities just like everyone else, “said Kattah.

iFLY encourages everybody and anyone with physical and cognitive barriers to push past their limitations and take flight.

“Any type of disability they’ll help out. It’s a great thing this company is doing with everybody to include us with a disability in to doing skydiving”, said Reinaldo Maiz.

Maiz is on his fourth flight. When he arrived at iFLY he wasn’t sure what he was getting in to or if he could even do it.

“When we first were told about iFLY i couldn’t really believe them it was like in my mind i was asking questions i was saying things like how am i gonna get in the wind tunnel or they gonna carry us”, said Maiz.

All Abilities Night is discounted for guests and their families. It provides all the support participants need to spread their wings. Packages include pre-flight training, gear, and a specialty trained flight instructor

“Don’t let fear guide you. You’re gonna have fun. It’s gonna be worth every second that you’re up in the air”, said Kattah.

iFLY All Abilities changes lives every second Thursday of the month.

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