Visualized: Vehicle Dashboard Consumer Complaints in Florida

The following map shows consumer complaints related to cracked and melted dashboard within the state of Florida

fla map thumb

In the map below, Team 6 Investigators compiled hundreds of consumer complaints, pertaining to cracked and melted vehicle dashboards, filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from 1999 to July 2014. NHTSA is the federal agency within the transportation department in charge of writing and enforcing federal motor vehicle safety standards. Nationwide, consumers have filed at least 500 dashboard-related complaints.

The NHTSA database includes a unique identification number, location, date of incident, car maker and number, injuries or deaths related to the product, accidents and whether a police report was filed. Consumers are not identified by name. The number of complaints has fluctuated over the years, but has grown steadily in recent years. Florida tops the nation with 190 complaints, which are scattered all over the Sunshine State, but with concentrations in the south, central and west, near the Tampa-area. Texas is second with 63 complaints, followed by California with 28 and Georgia with 21.

Yellow: 1-2 complaints
Green: 3 complaints
Blue: 4 complaints
Purple: 6 complaints
Red: 7-10 complaints

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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