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Instagram Shoe Sale Turns Into Armed Robbery, Suspect Arrested

The victim told police he recognized the alleged thief from their night school class

A man was arrested Thursday after he allegedly robbed another man at gunpoint when the two met to complete a sale that began on Instagram, according to police reports.

Jose Calero, 18, was detained and taken to the robbery office for interviewing.

According to the arrest report, the incident began when Calero messaged a man on Instagram in order to purchase two pairs of shoes.

The two agreed to meet after work in order to complete the sale. The victim arrived at 3045 Southwest 1st Street around 1:25 a.m. and notified Calero, according to the report.

When an unknown person got near the back of the victim's car, the victim got out, thinking it was Calero. Instead, he discovered Calero standing in front of the car with a gun, according to the report.

"Let me get all that," Calero allegedly yelled, according to the report. "Where are the shoes? Where are the car keys? Open the trunk!"

Several more unidentified subjects started entering the victim's vehicle and unlocking the trunk, while one of them pointed a handgun and flashlight at the victim and demanded he hand over everything on his person, according to the report.

After the unknown subjects took the shoes from the car, one pointed a black semi-automatic handgun to the victim's back and told him to get inside the car and not come outside for a bit, according to the report.

They tossed the car keys away from the vehicle and all fled in different directions, including Calero, according to the report.

The victim drove home and called the police. He told them he had class with Calero during night school, and officers were able to locate and arrest him by the afternoon.

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