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Interim Miami-Dade Corrections Director Under Fire For Past Domestic Violence Cases

The interim director of the Miami-Dade Corrections Department is under fire after documents obtained by NBC 6 detail a disturbing domestic violence incident involving his now ex-wife in 2004.

Daniel Junior, who has spent over 20 years with the agency and was appointed by Mayor Carlos Gimenez, was arrested for the incident in December of that year in which the victim called 911 detailing an assault at their home.

The woman told dispatchers she was being beaten by her husband following an incident inside their home – reportedly following a confrontation over different phone numbers in his cell phone after he arrived home from a night out of drinking.

In a police report from December 2005, the victim says Junior called her derogatory names before punching her on the side of the face, choking her and throwing her against the wall. She said that she did bite Junior in the stomach and tried to grab scissors to stab him to stop the fight before escaping and calling 911 from the guard gate of their complex.

She was treated by Fire Rescue crews at the scene and did not go to the hospital. The couple filed for divorce shortly after.

Junior entered a Pre Trial Diversion program that included attending classes on domestic violence and substance abuse.

NBC 6 reached out to Mike Hernandez, director of communications for both Mayor Gimenez’s office and the Miami-Dade Corrections Department for comment.

Hernandez said Junior was forthcoming with the allegations made against him and was cleared of the matter by internal affairs after an investigation.

Hernandez also said it was curious that the matter was on the books for so long and is just coming out four days before the Miami-Dade mayoral election.

"We're four days prior to a mayoral election, it's not coincidental these issues are being raised now," Hernandez said.

The mayor's office said they think it's politically motivated.

Hernandez added that they're conducting a second nationwide search to fill the position but Junior is welcome to apply for the job on a full-time basis.

It’s the second time that Junior had been punished for a domestic violence incident. He was given a verbal reprimand for a 1997 case where he pushed a woman’s head into a wall following an argument.

Corporal Corey Barney, the President of the Minority Corrections Officers Association, condemned Junior’s actions while criticizing Gimenez for his decision to promote Junior.

"Daniel Junior as multiple domestic violence offenses on his record. The Mayor stated Donald Trump should step down for his comments and actions, yet in the same voice condones Daniel Junior’s actions,” Barney told NBC 6.

Barney went after Junior for his handling of a case in which a woman says she was assaulted by over a dozen men inside the Miami-Dade corrections facility in December of 2013.

“No one called the police, no one called for a rape test. Junior called police on a peaceful protest (organized by Barney). How can Mayor Gimenez have him as interim director?" Barney said.

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