Interrogation Tapes of Parents in Toddler's Death Released

The interrogation videos of the parents of a baby whose remains were found buried in a shallow pit behind a Hallandale Beach home were released Wednesday.

The Broward State Attorney's Office released hours of interrogation tapes of Brittney Sierra and Calvin Melvin from the day Dontrell Melvin was reported missing.

"He don't care about his kids, he don't have none of them, he don't see none of them," Sierra said in one portion. "So now I feel like either he killed my son or he put him somewhere and left, nobody knows."

The baby's body was discovered in a shallow grave in the backyard of 106 Northwest 1st Avenue on Jan. 11 of 2013, about 18 months after he was last seen.

Sierra described 27-year-old Melvin as a violent man.

"I know he has a drinking problem 'cause that's when he gets more abusive when he drinks," she said. "When I was pregnant we got into a fight, he kicked me in the stomach."

But Melvin described Sierra as the aggressive one.

"We argue, she use to pull my hair, rip my shirts," he said.

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