IRS Offers Non-Filers Additional Money for Dependents in Coronavirus Relief Check

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AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File

Millions of Americans received relief checks from the federal government’s coronavirus stimulus package last week. Now, the IRS is offering some people the chance to receive more money.

Those who receive social security, or railroad retirement benefits have until noon Wednesday to register with the IRS to receive an additional $500 for any dependents.

To qualify, the person must be a recipient of Social Security Administration (SSA) or Railroad Retirement benefits (RRB), and must have a dependent child, or children, under the age of 17.

Those that qualify can receive $500 per child.

If RRB and SSA recipients fail to register by tomorrow, they will have to wait until they file their 2020 tax returns to receive the money.

To register, fill out this form.

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