Child Support Judge Sued for Not Supporting His Kids

A Broward judge is sued by his judge wife for more child support

Broward General Magistrate Philip Schlissel knows the rules of child support. The judge has been busting dads and moms for not paying their fair share for years.

But now he is being taken to court by, of all people, his judge ex-wife for not giving up enough dough to take care of their son and daughter.

A lawsuit filed last month claims Schlissel owes his ex-wife more than $5,000 for not helping with his kids' living expenses, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Now both children aren't really children at all. Schlissel's son is 19 and his daughter is 22. The get-off-child-support card kicks into effect at age 18 in Florida.

But Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren, his ex-wife of 15 years, claims they agreed to split the expenses of the kids, post-teenage years. That includes cell phone bills, health insurance, car repairs and other similar expenses that most adults tend to handle on their own. If that's not a silver spoon deal, we don't know what is.

Schlissel has never missed a child support payment, his attorney said. Good thing, too, because otherwise he would have to put out a warrant for his own arrest, and that can get complicated. The lawsuit will be heard in Palm Beach County.

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