‘It's a Blessing': Miami Family Wins City's Home Preservation Lottery

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The members of the Moyse family were appreciative when they heard about the home improvements coming their way.

“It’s not only a surprise, it’s a blessing,” said Diane Moyse.  

The Moyse family found out early Monday that they topped on the lottery list for the City of Miami’s push to shore up people’s homes, especially as hurricane season ramps up.

The Homeownership Preservation Program will provide up to $70,000 in assistance to qualified, low-income homeowners.

Repairs will be made mostly to the outside of homes, like roofs, ceilings and windows.

151 people applied for the program. 103 homeowners qualified.

On Monday morning a lottery determined who got assistance in what order.

Marcel Moyse, the family’s patriarch, was the the first to be selected.

“I need a roof, I need a floor to be repaired, then windows, mostly my bathroom, I need to fix the shower and all that,” he said.

Moyse has tried to fix up the house for some 30 years, but money has been short and problems have stacked up.

Dozens of Miami homeowners will be getting word in the coming days that help -- in the form of home repairs -- is on the way.

Moyse’s granddaughter says if anybody is deserving, it's her grandpa.

“This means a lot to him, he’s been stressing, so this will probably get a little stress off of him since his wife has been in the hospital and stuff like that. It’s like a blessing,” she said  

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