Pompano Beach

‘I've Been Shot': Margate Family Helps Injured Man Who Knocked on Door

A Margate family's front door camera captured the moment a man suffering from gunshot wounds knocked on their door.

Jeff Pigeon says he was just sitting at home watching TV Saturday night when he says he heard a frantic knock and found a person laying on their front porch begging for help.

"I've been shot, my hand and my leg. Please help me!" the victim told Pigeon in the Ring footage, as he collapsed on the porch.

It’s still a mystery as to how the man, identified as 27-year-old Darryle Mattear, arrived at their doorstep. Mattear told police he was in town visiting family in Pompano Beach for his birthday and somehow drove his car towards Pigeon’s home, knocked on the door and cried for help.

Margate Police arrived and found the victim with gunshot wounds on his hand and leg. Mattear was being treated in the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Investigators believe the shooting took place blocks away near Northwest 65th Avenue and 18th Street. According to the incident report, Mattear told police that he was looking for fish in a canal when he says two guys pulled up in a black Ford Mustang and tried to take his necklace. He says the robbers shot him and took off.

Pigeon said he's just glad he could help the victim as he was writhing in pain but he still has no idea why the man chose his home.

"I thought somebody was doing a joke on me but after awhile he was bleeding and stuff and I was like 'oh, we better get paramedics here and get him some medical attention right away,'" Pigeon said.

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