Jackson Health System, SEIU Reach 3-Year Contract Agreement

The deal could mean $150 million in salary and benefit concessions, JHS said

Jackson Health System and a union representing medical professionals announced Tuesday that they have reached a labor agreement in hopes of strengthening the Miami hospital, according to JHS administrators.

The three-year contract, agreed upon by Service Employees International Union Local 1991 and Jackson, was established to help the hospital expand in the changing healthcare environment, the hospital said. The resolution will now be voted upon by employees, a financial board and county commissioners.

“Our nurses and healthcare professionals have again demonstrated that their commitment to this health system and this community is as profound as their commitment to their patients and the practice of medicine,” Carlos A. Migoya, president and CEO of Jackson Health System, said in a statement.

The labor agreement could mean $150 million in salary and benefit concessions, JHS said. It would also include pension reform, suspension of pay supplements, and no automatic raises.

SEIU Local 1991 and Jackson say that the agreement will help the system “move beyond its current year-to-year survival mode,” according to a statement.

The deal came just days after Migoya said that Jackson Health System was planning to announce “a significant number” of layoffs to “right-size” the organization, whose patient admissions have dropped recently.

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