Jeb Bush Makes Survivor

Democrats made a funny spoof of Survivor and Bush, along with some other big name Republicans made the cast away cut

The Dems can't miss right now.

Survivor: The GOP Edition

First, it was Barack Obama winning the presidency. Now, the party has come up with a new,and frankly, pretty promising way to select the future leaders of the country.


In a spoof of the pseudo-reality show, Democrats are making fun of the fractured state of the GOP leadership, but in the process have given us a great idea.

Let's send the top 16 of both parties to some remote island and see who is the last man (or woman) standing. No campaign promises. No big budget fundraising.

Just barefoot combat, alliances, back stabbing and a little bug eating. When you think about it, it's a lot like politics now.

On Survivor: The GOP Edition, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is joined on the island (likely Madagascar from the scene of elephants running across the landscape, but Alaska might be a good choice, too) by Rush Limbaugh, John McCain (known by tribe members as the Maverick), Sarah Palin, who could hold the home field advantage, Mitt Romney and a host of others.

The cast of characters is a sure-fire ratings blockbuster, but who will say the immortal words, "The tribe has spoken?"

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