“Jersey Shore” Officially Moves to Miami

What are we feeling now? Joy? Horror? Snooki?

There were rumors from the Chicago Sun-Times and hints from the cast. Then came near-confirmation from Movieline.com, but no sudden movement

Now, according to TMZ, it's officially official: "Jersey Shore" is relocating to South Beach, and Snooki and The Situation and J-WOWW and the rest of the cast are packing their bags, even as we speak, for a house off Lincoln Road and near-immediate filming.

A TMZ spy on the production crew for "Jersey Shore" tells us the cast was given its marching orders for season two last night -- they're headed for Miami.

And we have another source... at least one cast member told a TMZer he/she got the word over the weekend ... and the word is Miami.

Good luck, Miami. You're gonna need it.

Uh, thanks. We can handle drunken lugs. Do it all the time, in fact! The real question is, can the Shore handle Miami?

Can season two possibly be as stupidly compelling as the first go-round? The cast are famous now, and bound to be as self-aware of their own celebrity as their new stomping grounds. Will they retain any likeability as they morph from insulated subculture wonders to pseudo-stars, clawing at their 15 minutes of fame and getting recognized every time they go out?

Probably not; the show will likely just deflate outside its natural habitat. We can only hope Lincoln Road escapes intact, and none of our tanning beds go missing.

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