Jewish Groups Protest Roger Waters Concert in Miami

Controversy surrounded rocker Roger Waters’ Thursday night concert at American Airlines Arena as pro-Israel protesters rallied against the Pink Floyd co-founder.

Fans at Thursday’s show were greeted by a roaming message that read “Say no to racist attacks against Israel by Roger Waters.”

The ad is by the group StandWithUs Southeast in response the Pink Floyd co-founder's criticism of Israel's treatment of Palestinians. The rocker called the anti-Semitism accusations “malicious.”

The outrage against Waters was enough for the City of Miami Beach to pull the plug on a performance by a groups of teens set to share the stage with Waters.

Kimberly Rodriguez Lepp attended the concert without her husband, who is Jewish and refused to go.

“I love the music and even though he might be anti-Israel and anti-Trump, he's still a great artist and I'm going to support his art," Lepp explained. “He's been to Israel many times, he loves it, and it just hit home and he's just totally like no way."

The Greater Miami Jewish Federation said anti-Semitism and hatred were not welcomed in Miami and called on sponsors to pull out of the concert.

The group released a statement that read in part: "Mr. Waters, stop using your musical platform to spout venomous and hateful rhetoric, employing anti-Semitic symbols and anti-Israel language during your performances."

Twelve drama participants from the Miami Beach Parks and Recreation Teen Club were set to perform with Waters part of a concert night tradition, but those plans were canceled by the City of Miami Beach amid accusations of anti-Semitism.

"In light of recent information surrounding this event, the Miami Beach Parks & Recreation Teen Club will no longer be participating," the city said in a statement Thursday. "Miami Beach is a culturally diverse community and does not tolerate any form of hate."

In an interview with CNN before the show, Waters said he's never had that happened and denied being an anti-Semite. He added that he wanted to be a voice to the oppressed.

StandWithUs/Southeast said in a statement that Waters: "Is clear about the support for the boycott campaign against Israel, which does not promote peace, does not create a better life for Palestinians, and whose agenda is the destruction of the state of Israel."

Some of the kids set to perform Thursday night were with a local non-profit called Ayuda. The CEO called the situation unfortunate because she said the teens were excited for the performance.

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