Judge Rules Trial of Woman Accused in Murder for Hire Plot to Remain in Palm Beach County

The trial of a Florida woman accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband will be heard by a local jury.

Judge Glenn Kelley on Monday ruled that he thinks he can find an impartial six-member jury in Palm Beach County to hear Dalia Dippolito's retrial.

Most of 200 potential jurors interviewed last week told Kelley they knew about the case and most said they think she is guilty. They were dismissed, but 70 remained before final screening Monday.

Dippolito was arrested in 2009, and her case was featured on the TV show “Cops.'' An appellate court threw out a 2011 conviction.

Prosecutors allege Dippolito offered an undercover police officer $7,000 to kill her then-husband. She says she was just acting and didn't really want her husband dead.

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