Jungle Island Waiting for First Flamingo Egg of Season To Hatch

The egg, which is in an artificial incubator, is being closely watched

Jungle Island has its first flamingo egg of this nesting season – but it hasn’t hatched yet.

The tourist wildlife park’s general curator and staff veterinarian, Dr. Jason Chatfield, is closely watching the egg in an artificial incubator, Jungle Island announced Friday.

“While not our number one choice, we feel it’s safest to artificially incubate the egg to ensure a successful hatch,” Chatfield said in a statement.

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The adult female flamingo is currently sitting on a “faux egg,” Jungle Island said. But once the baby begins to emerge from its egg, it is placed back in the nest and the fake one is removed.

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The chick is then reared by its parents. The process ensures a good survival rate for newborn flamingos, Jungle Island said.

Below: Dr. Susan Club preparing a faux flamingo egg. (Courtesy Jungle Island)

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