Kanye Suffers Pop Quiz Over Shore Club Shooting

A destitute Death Row'er is suing Kanye West after being shot in Miami

Rick Owen
NBC 5 News

Former rap mogul Suge Knight grilled hip-hop drama queen Kanye West in a private tête-à-tête Friday in New York City for a suit involving Miami and a gunshot wound.

Go figure.

Knight, the financially-strapped former Death Row records honcho, was shot in the leg in 20005 when a gunman opened fire at an MTV Music Video Awards pre-party West was hosting at the Shore Club on Miami Beach. 

Now he's suing both West and the Shore Club's owners for $1 million, saying they should have realized the party could be a "dangerous environment" because of the rap industry's history of violent feuding.

Er...more like his history. The big man was a central figure in the East Coast-West Coast rap beef of the '90s, which many believe contributed to the slayings of rappers Tupac Shakur (who was riding in Knight's car when shot) and the Notorious B.I.G.

But he blames West, and West has long denied any negligence in court papers. Knight's lawyer Marc Brumer said in six hours of questioning with lawyers on Friday the superstar continued to say he had no involvement in security arrangements for the event. (No word on if he ever interrupted.)

West declined to comment, leaving offices on Fifth Avenue hurriedly after the meeting. Perhaps he was just relieved the ordeal didn't involve maybe being hung over a balcony.

No one has ever been arrested for the six shots fired into a crowd that included the Black Eyed Peas, Jessica Alba, and Paris Hilton. But one bullet shattered Knight's femur, and Brumer estimates his client was charged $200,000 in medical bills.

"I figured I could sit him down, man to man, and get this resolved," Knight said of West after the Q&A was ended, according to the AP. "I'm disappointed."

His dissatisfaction means the case, currently being handled in Miami federal court, will apparently proceed.

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