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Kanye Fans Complain His Clothing Company Stiffed Them

The Better Business Bureau gave “Yeezy Supply” an F rating and warned consumers to steer clear of the Yeezy Hype.

The Kanye West company that aims to dress everyday people like Hollywood A-listers just earned itself an "F". The Better Business Bureau said it’s seen a sudden spike in complaints about Yeezy Supply, the company that sells fans of Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian a fashion line that is inspired by their made-for-TV lives.

Customers can spend hundreds of dollars on a single garment. But, hundreds of customers have told the BBB that Yeezy has recently failed to fulfill orders and isn’t offering refunds. Customers have also complained about a sudden lack of communication.

One of those customers is Eli Bahmanyar. Bahmanyar paid $240 dollars for Yeezys on Yeezy Supply’s website, but he said he never got the shoes. He said his emails to Yezzy Supply were ignored.

“It was almost as though nobody worked there. You keep getting this automated message,” recalled Bahmanyar.

Jimmy Hill had a different complaint. He got the $180 dollar sandals he paid for, but when he returned them to Yeezy Supply he said he never got a refund.

“Give me my money, give me my money. Or hook me up with another pair of shoes. I’m good,” Hill told NBC Responds.

Consumers aren’t the only ones getting snubbed by “Yeezy Supply.”

“We wrote them, we emailed them, we called them, I wrote their CEO, and still nothing,” said Steve Macfarland of the Better Business Bureau. Macfarland said the Bureau serving Los Angeles and Silicon Valley is getting up to 30 complaints a day about the company.

He added that most of the complaints are consumers saying they paid for products they never received. The Better Business Bureau gave “Yeezy Supply” an F rating and warned consumers to steer clear of the Yeezy Hype.

“Just because celebrities are behind - or supposedly behind - these companies, they shouldn’t be lured into spending a lot of money for merchandise and expecting quick delivery and service,” said Macfarland.

“I’ve supported his product and brand for so long that I feel like he doesn’t care about loyal customers,” said Hill.

We were unable to reach “Yeezy Supply” or Kanye West for comment.

When ordering a product from a company you are not familiar with, check online reviews. It’s a good idea to pay with a credit card so if you have a problem, there is a window to dispute it.

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