Karlie Tomica, Alleged Driver in Fatal Miami Beach Hit-and-Run, Ignored 911 Caller Who Tried To Stop Her: Prosecutors

Tomica, 20, later fell asleep and loudly snored at the police station, newly released documents say

Investigators say 20-year-old Karlie Tomica is responsible for Stefano Riccioletti's death. He was a popular South Beach chef who was hit and killed as Tomica sped down Collins Avenue – allegedly drunk.

"I'm actually just following a car that just hit a man on Collins Avenue," a witness who called 911 said. "As far as I know, at this time, she must have killed him, you know?"

According to newly released documents from the State Attorney's Office, that caller tried to stop Tomica, but she ignored him while he followed her home. When she was found and arrested, the victim's blood was in her hair.

The documents say, "Later on, at the police station, the defendant fell asleep and began to loudly snore."

The documents also say, before Tomica's Twitter account was deleted, "the State of Florida was able to obtain a screen shot from one of the defendant’s tweets. That screen shot depicts a margarita and spinach dip with the proclamation: ‘margaritas and spinach dip to celebrate the end of midterms.’"

The Riccioletti family hired high-profile attorney Jose Baez to not only go after Tomica, but the club where she worked, Nikki Beach Miami. Son Jacopo Riccioletti claims in a wrongful death lawsuit that the club’s operators allowed Tomica to drink underage and on the job before driving off drunk on the night of the accident.

"I think you can draw clearly from the timeline of events that that's where she was, that's where she left from," Baez said.

The State Attorney's Office wrote "the defendant is a self-described ‘party princess’" who killed Riccioletti on impact.

Her blood alcohol level was three times over the legal limit and "the excessive level of alcohol present in the defendant’s blood is despite having blood drawn nearly 2 hours after impact,” according to prosecutors.

Tomica is currently in Port St. Lucie on house arrest – wearing a monitoring device, with a curfew, attending AA meetings, and awaiting a trial where she faces many charges, including DUI manslaughter.

Tomica's attorney, Mark Shapiro, couldn't be reached for comment Tuesday.

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