Key West To Celebrate New Year's With a “Drag Queen Drop”

Thousands are expected to watch the drop.

Key West is celebrating New Year’s a little differently than New York City does. Rather than dropping a ball, the island drops a drag queen carried in a red high heel.
Gary Marion, the female impersonator, is known to his fans as Sushi. He says the tradition of lowering himself in a shoe began about 15 years ago.
"When I was a little kid I never really dreamed about being in drag, let alone being lowered in a giant glittery red shoe, at the stroke of midnight, in full drag," Marion said in a press release. "What a way to make a living though -- it's fabulous."

Once Marion is lowered, he, or she, will open a bottle of champagne to celebrate 2012's arrival.
The event is expected to draw thousands of people of all ages, according to the release. It will be held on Duval Street outside of the Bourbon Street Pub.
Other Key West drops include a pirate wench from the top of a ship mast and a giant manmade conch, the symbol of the Florida Keys, onto the roof of Sloppy Joe's Bar.

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