Keys Has Strong Tourism Weekend After Isaac

Keys officials said tourism was doing well a week after Tropical Storm Isaac

A week after Tropical Storm Isaac swept through South Florida and the Keys, officials said tourism over Labor Day Weekend was staying strong.

Florida Was Fortunate With Isaac: Scott

According to the Florida Keys News Bureau, officials said the lodging occupancy for the Florida Keys was strong after Isaac cost a $12 million loss to tourism revenues.

The Key West Brew Fest Saturday drew 2,000 guests.

Barely Any Evidence of Isaac in the Keys

“Tourism is absolutely doing very well this weekend; we are lucky in the Florida Keys and Key West,” Matthew Babich, general manager of the Southernmost Hotel Collection that co-presented BrewFest, during the beachfront tasting festival, told the Florida Keys News Bureau. “We dodged another bullet without any significant damage whatsoever and, as you can look around this beach and see, people are back in Key West and enjoying themselves as they always do.”

Tourists, Come Back to the Keys: Officials

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