Keys Man Charged After Fight Involving Machete, Liquor Bottle: Deputies

Douglas Ney, 46, was found in a Keys yard with a cut to his arm, screaming at three men on a balcony.

A Key West man was charged with burglary and battery after a fight with friends became physical, involving a machete and a bottle of liquor, deputies said.

Monroe Sheriff's deputies said Douglas Ney, 46, was visiting friends when he became drunk and angry. The friends got into an argument and Ney grabbed a bottle of liquor, throwing it at the windshield of a van parked outside and breaking the windshield, deputies said.

Ney left but he came back to the house a short while later "in a rage," and he began to push and shove one of the other men, according to deputies. The victim grabbed a machete in self-defense and struck Ney on the arm with it, but he continued to attack, deputies said. That's when the men fled to a neighbor's house for help.

Deputies said they arrived to find Ney standing in the yard, bleeding from a cut on his arm and screaming at three others standing on a balcony. Ney was arrested and marijuana was found in his pocket, which he was charged for possessing.

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