Kick in the Teeth: Dentist Overwhelmed by Sex Calls

Florida dentist fields 500 calls per day from raunchy 1-900 number

Between the routine cleanings, root canals and other dentist procedures, Dr. Robert Thousand and his staff don't have a whole lot of time for phone sex.

But that's not stopping a raunchy 1-900 sex line from calling the St. Augustine dentist's phone a whopping 500 times a day.

"There it goes again," employee Joyce Outlaw, immersed in annoying ring tones, told WTLV. "So far, we've had 433 calls since 9:30 this morning."

The calls have been pouring in, on the office phones and the doctor's cell, in the past couple weeks, without stop. Thousand said the calls are hurting his practice, since real customers can't get through to the office. Not to mention the bill.

"I think you get charged every time your cell phone rings. I get four to five hundred of these a day so I've contacted AT&T," Thousand said. "Who knows what my phone bill will be, thousands, I'm sure."

The calls are a recording, with a simple choice of options from the menu.

"If you are gay, press 1. If you are a lesbian, press 2," a sultry voice reads. You can imagine where it goes from there.

"It's the same recording every time," said a frustrated Dr. Thousand. "It's a homemade recording that someone has downloaded on a computer and is dialing it through a computer on the automatic dial."

Since he's been using the same office and phone number for 10 years, Dr. Thousand said he can't just change his number.

In the meantime, police and AT&T are investigating the calls, trying to track down the source.

Thousand said the sex calls are doing nothing for his libido or his once-thriving business.

"It's pretty much cyberterrorism, you know, somebody terrorizes you, does this to your business," Thousand said. "It's shutting me down."

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