Kids Placed in Foster Care After Alleged Child Abuse

A new ruling was handed down Tuesday in a disturbing case of child abuse in South Florida.

The judge came to the conclusion the mother accused in the case is not fit to parent, after she allegedly did nothing to stop the violent abuse of her daughter. 28-year-old Norelys Gomez had her three kids taken away from her.

"I don't want to talk, just get away from me," she said walking out of court Tuesday.

Gomez's sister and father also came out of court shortly after. NBC 6 asked them for an explanation of what happened to the kids.

"We're not authorized to say anything, sorry," Gomez's sister said.

Gomez and her family were in court to find out two of her children are now in the care of the state. Her third child remains in the hospital.

According to police, the alleged abuse happened at Gomez's home in southwest Miami-Dade at the hands of her boyfriend. The arrest report states 20-year-old Ernesto Gomez picked up the young girl with both hands by the neck and dropped her to the floor, three separate times.

The toddler suffered a cracked skull, broken collarbone and internal injuries. Ernesto Gomez has been charged with aggravated child abuse.

Norelys Gomez was also arrested for allegedly doing nothing to stop it.

In court, Gomez's father and her sister begged for the judge to let them have custody of the kids. But the judge said the problem is the family all lives in one house and they too did nothing or too little to stop the abuse.

"I have five adults and nobody was picking up on what was going on in that house, cause I have three children who have marks all over them and I have a little 3-year-old who looks like she's been really abused. So what I'm suggesting is this is not a suitable placement," the judge said.

Once the injured child is well enough to leave the hospital, she'll be joining her brother and sister in foster care. The judge wants to make sure the children stay together.

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