Kiss County Hosts 29th Annual Chili Cook-Off in Pembroke Pines

Thousands of people put on their boots and showed off their American pride at the 29th Annual Kiss Country Chili Cook-Off at CB Smith Park in Pembroke Pines.

"You come in here you bring your friends, your family, you hang out and you have a good time," James Woodruff said.

At this year's cook-off more than 100 competitors made their own original chil, each with a special touch.

"There's a lot of secret ingredients, but [I add] beer and hot cocoa," said one cook.

Lori Sorensen, however, says it's all about the meat.

"It doesn't need to be ground beef, it needs to be chunk meat," she said.

Competitors only had three hours to make the perfect chili. Those who win would get the chance to go to the national competition.

"We've already been in third place and I think we're going to take it this year," Woodruff said.

Country music lovers also line-danced and sat out on lawn chairs and blankets listening to performers like Joe Nichols.

"[I love it because] it always has a story. Not always sad, some very romantic," Yvonne Debesa said.

After a long day of cooking, dancing, drinking, and doing all things country, many even chose to sleep in the park before heading home.

"I'll be back next year. Wouldn't miss it," said Debesa.

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