Kitten Rescued After Being Stuck in a Wall for Days

Lauderhill Fire Department had to insert a camera in the wall to find and rescue the cat.

A neighborhood kitten was rescued Sunday by the Lauderhill Fire Department after being stuck in a wall for days.

“It’s an excitement for everybody but we are glad the kittens are out and safe,” said Alberta Peterson, sister of the cat’s owner.

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The family had been hearing the cat for days and was unable to rest, and they decided to call 911. Fire rescue crews made various holes in the house but they were not able to locate the cat.

“It took two agencies and approximately 10 firefighters to get this kitten from a wall, it was pretty well hidden” said Lieutenant Jerry Gonzalez.

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Finally, firefighters had to insert a camera through the wall to find the kitten.

“This usually doesn’t happen and it’s pretty rare,” Gonzalez said.

After using the camera, they had to make a few minor holes and the cat was rescued.

The family named the cat Survivor, for having lived after being stuck in a wall for various days.

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