Klan's Card Plan in Davie

KKK leaves calling cards in restaurant

The KKK thinks it's A-OK to start openly recruiting again and left some calling cards at a Davie restaurant recently.

A waitress at the Garden Grill found the cards, with KKK spelled out in big, red letters scattered on tables and news racks at the restaurant, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

The cards warned of white children "quickly becoming America's new minority."

"It was no big deal - they didn't rally," the waitress, who didn't want her name used, told the paper. 

Davie was long a haven for the Klan, where rallies were a frequent occurrence in the 1980s. A rally was held there as recently as 1993, when they protested the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and Haitian immigration.

Of its 90,000 inhabitants, Davie's black population has held at a steady 4 percent over the past ten years, a low figure compared with the 25 percent in Broward county.

Klan members nation-wide are estimated to be near 7,000.

Some think that despite Davie's ugly reputation, things are changing for the better.

“Someone in that restaurant was disturbed by that card and called [the paper],” former Davie politician Geri Clark told the Sun-Sentinel. “That might not have happened 20 years ago.”

“We can’t tolerate anything that is tied to hate,” Davie Mayor Judy Paul said. “I don’t know what we can do about it. It’s something you know is there but you wish it wasn’t.”

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