La Covacha Club Shuts Down After Video of Nude Dance Surfaces

A video of a raunchy performance during a dance competition at La Covacha nightclub has prompted the City of Sweetwater to temporarily shut down the business.

On Wednesday, Code Enforcement went to the night club to close its door after it allegedly violated a city ordinance involving nudity.

The violation comes three days after video surfaced online showing women freely stripping down and gyrating on stage at La Covacha.

It started as a simple promotion for participants to compete to win free concert tickets to see Cuban musicians Yomil y El Dany, but the competition got X-rated.

In the video, some men in the crowd can be seen touching the women inappropriately and a DJ is heard saying “take it off” in Spanish.

The Vice Mayor spoke to NBC 6 about the penalty.

“Based in what we saw, it was clear something has to be done right away," said Idania Llanio, Vice Mayor of Sweetwater.

The popular nightclub is getting a lot of criticism from users on social media. Some people commented in Spanish, calling the competition vulgar and in poor taste.

The women were competing for $900 tickets to the August 12 concert. It will be Yomil y El Dany’s first time performing in Miami.

The club must now appeal to the City of Sweetwater in order to reopen.

NBC 6 spoke to La Covacha's secretary off-camera, who says the owner is out of town in Argentina but the club does not support what happened. NBC 6 has not heard back from the owner's at this time with an official comment.

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