Lance Bass Attends “Love is Love” Mass Wedding in Ft. Lauderdale

Former 'N Sync member Lance Bass was on hand Thursday morning as an ambassador at a mass wedding ceremony celebrating 100 LGBT and straight couples in Fort Lauderdale.

Dubbed "Love is Love," the mass wedding was originally slated to take place on the beach, but incelement weather forced the happy couples to an indoor venue.

Bass arrived with his husband, actor Michael Turchin. The two were wed on December 20th.

"We all need to come together to just celebrate life and love," Bass said of the event celebrating the legality of same sex marriage in the sunshine state.

He and Turchin celebrated alongside couples from across the nation, and as far away as London, Italy and South America.

Some of the couples, like Philip Johns and Jim Fancher who have been together almost a quarter century, are happy to finally make their bond legal.

"I'm always kind of set back when people come up and say congratulations," Johns said. "For so long you know, you don't think this is ever gonna happen."

Others won't exactly be able to celebrate when they go back home, as some came from states where same sex marriage is not granted full legal rights.

Bass, a Florida native, commended the sunshine state for taking the lead in legalizing same sex marriage.

"They're showing that they're leaders down here and hopefully the rest of the states will follow," said Bass.

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