Large Iguana In Stuart Goes Viral

Officers took a scaly “suspect” into custody on Monday, following reports of sightings around downtown Stuart.

The “suspect” in question was a 5 ½-feet-long iguana that was spotted lounging in the outdoor patio area of a local restaurant. Officer Theodore “TJ” Dulancey captured the creature after officers on road patrol called him for help.

Dulancey is experienced when it comes to handling reptiles. He is licensed with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and breeds snakes and other creatures.

A picture of Dulancey holding up the green-and-yellow iguana is gaining traction on the Stuart Police Department's Facebook since it was posted on Monday. So far, the image has been shared more than 600 times.

Jeff Kittredge, public information officer, said sightings of iguanas are uncommon in Stuart. He said that recent storms may have caused the creature to get re-located from South Florida, where iguanas are far more prevalent.

Kittredge said nobody was injured or hurt by the iguana and that the invasive creature is now at a pet store that caters to reptiles.

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