Lauderhill Barber Shop Left With a Mess After Car Slams Inside

A Lauderhill barber shop was left with quit a cleanup job after a car slammed into the front of the store Monday.

It's believed the female driver in her 30's mistook the gas from the brake, and ran right into the Barber and Beauty Salon at 4128 N.W. 21 Street.

NO one was injured, but the car left a gaping hole in the front of the shop, piles of glass and a mangled metal frame.

A witness says he believes the driver got confused. "I guess the lady was trying to park," said Shemar Brown. "Instead of hitting the brakes she hit the gas and ran into the barber shop."

Brown said a passenger in the car may have prevented the crash from being even worse, by pulling the emergency brake.

"There was a little kid sitting right here but he ran out of the way just in time," Brown said. "If he didn't run, he'd probably be dead right now".

By late Monday evening, crews began boarding up the business, and employees say they will take it all in stride.

"We had the wall knocked down a couple of years ago 'cause of the hurricane," Said barber Markius Freeman. "That ain't going to stop us. That's just motivation."

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