Leadfoot Grannies Crash Two Broward Banks

Two seperate banks hit by elderly women in same hour

Two old ladies decided to make their own drive thru at a couple of South Florida banks yesterday when they went crashing through the buildings in seperate accidents within minutes of each other.

The first crash happened around 1:20 p.m. at a Washington Mutual in Deerfield Beach when an elderly woman hit the gas instead of the brake, jumped a curb and crashed into the side of the building. There were no injuries in the accident.

The second crash happened less than a half hour later and less than three miles away, when 80-year-old June Kennedy lost control of her car and plowed into a Wachovia Bank, also in Deerfield Beach. Kennedy and a couple of bank customers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. 

"Out of nowhere, I heard a big boom, it happened so fast," crash witness Comlee Emmanuel told the Sun-Sentinel. "All you heard was a boom."

Kennedy was cited by police for reckless driving.

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