LeBron James Puts On A Dunk Show After Heat Practice on Monday in Phoenix

LeBron James turned the aftermath of Monday's Heat practice in Phoenix into his own personal dunk contest

LeBron James is not going to participate in the NBA's Slam Dunk contest at the All-Star Game but he put on a little dunk show of his own Monday in Phoenix according to The Arizona Republic.

Following the team's practice today, James started to show off his unique dunking skills which led to his teammates even filming the event.  In the video below from Sports360AZ.com, James can be seen slamming home what would likely be high ranking dunks in the official contest.  

Last season, it became something of a normal routine to see James and his teammates taking flight in pregame warm-ups with highlight reel worthy dunks.  Each would go and try and outdo the previous guy with James garnering most of the attention.  Those sessions even led to Magic Johnson offering a million dollars if James would participate in the official contest.  James had said he was mulling it over at the time according to ESPN but ultimately elected not to participate.

 The NBA's Slam Dunk contest will take place on February 15th.

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